Photos by Jack Dunn
(Greylin skirt, JustFab heels, Chanel purse)

My latest cover with Dave Days has over 43000 views on YouTube as I’m typing this. I’m so excited and happy over the good response we’ve got so far. Please keep sharing it, I really do appreciate it :). Also how awesome is this Monopoly guy mural?! I definitely had to stop for a picture.


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One Response to Monopoly

  1. Tom Indig says:

    Hi Linda😊

    You should be excited. It was a really beautiful video. And believe me most of those views were for you. No disrespect to Dave Days. He’s an excellent musician. But that look in his eyes when he sees you walking back. I think every guy who watched that was jealous. I know I was! Wow you were out of a dream. And you just dangling your legs at the end of the little dock. I’m sure 43,000 will grow to 430,000 in no time. Word will spread “Did you see that girl in the Dave Days video?” I ain’t gonna lie. I don’t know in this genre of music who’s known or not. But it seems like Dave Days is pretty popular. I really think you can sing too Linda. As stunning as you are, I think you can really sing! If you want to listen to a man who loves music, and is a little older than you, more experience, I have the song for you two to do a duet together. Hopelessly devoted to you. You guys looked good together on screen. In your all black outfit you are Sandy😊 And Grease is a classic just like you😊

    And for a solo- Ooh Baby Baby- the Linda Ronstadt version. Just have fun and know that true beauty is from the inside and what makes you not just another pretty girl, but an angel for everyone to fill with love from just a look. The freeze frame at the beginning of Out of the Woods of your closed eyed happy smile looking down took my breath away.

    You should sing an original song though because you are an original Linda. Write it yourself. I loved Ice Cream and Butterflies. I think that was yours? I had never heard it anywhere else before. Let me suggest a great reggae artist named Busy Signal. Youtube Nightshift/One More Night. It’s a special song it gives you such a warm feeling. And Busy Signal’s voice is amazing! But I livicate Tarrus Riley “She’s Royal” to you though. Also a beautiful song. Your beauty Linda is delicate and makes you remember yourself, an unspoiled version of what your heart was meant to feel like. I’ve never written a poem in my life for one girl and then pawned it off on another. Beauty is too special to betray. So Linda I know you will shine forever and the world will know your name one day, but this much I can say. I met Linda Lind in person and she stole my breath away

    Sent from Windows Mail

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