November Sun

Photos by Denny Glow
(Levis shirt, H&M pants, Kill City vest, JustFab shoes and Rolex watch)

Oh November, you’ve been good to me so far and I’m excited to see what these next three weeks have to offer. I had a moment the other day where I was stressing over being too busy but then quickly reminded myself that busy is good. I love having several projects going on, and even though it can be hard to manage at times, there really are more hours to the day than one might think.


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3 Responses to November Sun

  1. knpla says:

    Beautiful work! Gorgeous!

  2. Tom Indig says:

    I had a moment today listening to UB40 red red wine with my friends in the car on our lunch break and then a bunch of little elementary school girls were cheerleading as we drove by and I told my friends look how beautiful the world is what a blessing:) you look great as usual you’re special always love receiving your new posts:)

    Sent from my iPhone


  3. Tom Indig says:

    I really like Stay With Me. The video is simple but emotional and real. I can’t imagine why you’re not already famous. It must have been amazing to sing with Julio Iglesias. Wow! I think you share his closed eyes singing from within lingering melodic note delivery. I grew up on Julio. I love Nathalie and my favorite is Cada Dia Mas. I hate Hollywood Linda because who are they to define your success. It’s clear as day that you are an amazing talent. And you’re beautiful with kindness and innocence and the happiness of a little girl spinning in circles and laughing until she can’t see. But you were born beautiful not to say you don’t have a natural G-d given gift to sing beautifully but singing takes training and dedication. Fame for your beauty is redundant like saying NY pizza is the best pizza. Duh! NY pizza is gonna be the bomb whether you say it or not. I wrote a short story/poem called Waves Crashing about a girl named Linda that I fell in love with when I lived in Miami. It really helped me get over her. She is the only survivor of a shipwreck claiming her mother and father. She is around 4 years old just having learned to speak and she washes up alone on a deserted island. She lives there and never knows another human being though she has vague memories of her parents. She is connected to the island the plants animals fish day and night and she speaks to them in her own language of friendship and love. The image in my mind that remains is Linda sitting knees up to her chin arms folded her hands folded fingers interlocked resting covering her knees her chin resting portruding forward on top of her hands and Linda serendipitously smiles in the night staring over the dark water the sound of the waves crashing moving her heart’s rhythm gently soothing her lonely soul blotches of pure ultra-bright white stars above shining mystical peace and meaning into her soul. She sees her reflection in the water and doesn’t understand that her reflection is her but it provides her comfort. She doesn’t know to contemplate her existence if she’s happy or sad but she loves the sound of the waves crashing and watching the waves crest and break and she giggles and smiles laughing watching the bubbly thick soapy white foam crashing to to the top of the beautiful aqua blue ethereal ocean top spraying wet coconut white teardrop size drops of ocean water forward and like the deepest longest smoothest exhale walla! mist issues high into the air. Linda loves to watch the mist dissolve into thin air. It thoroughly fascinates her. Whether by day or by night she defines her meaning through the sound of the waves crashing. Linda is the sound of the waves crashing. She just knows that. She and the waves are one. The same. No difference. And Linda’s miracle and gift from G-d for all her loneliness is there is no group or groups of people no society to tell her different. We wish to be the waves and return to ourselves. Society jealously forbids us from becoming the natural world which we live in because they can’t join it. They don’t know how. So they tell the crashing waves they are not the crashing waves. If they can’t become the waves then how could you? Misery loves company otherwise they would have to watch you be happy while they are sad. And so we the crashing waves are kind and pretend to not know our names to not know who we are and slowly believe our own lies until everyone is disconnected from nature and lost and sad. The very lucky few like Linda through G-d’s all-powerful mercy stay the waves for eternity. They will always be home and safe and loved and this solace sweeps over their chosen blessed souls. Amen! G-d bless beautiful creation formed in his natural image from whence only G-d knows she came:)

    I hope you liked it:) thank you Linda Lind for being my muse and inspiring my soul deeply within!

    Sent from my iPhone


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