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(Tibi dress, JustFab heels, vintage belt and H&M necklace)

I hope everyone had a fun Halloween. I went to a house party in Echo Park with live music and great people. I was dressed as Alice in Wonderland but I also wore a big faux fur coat to stay warm since it was raining. You can see my costume here.



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2 Responses to Tibi

  1. Tom Indig says:

    Wow you are simply stunning and amazing Words cannot evoke the beauty that you are Words create But you already have been created You are more special than verse So pretty it hurts So sexy it kills As grandiose as Alice in her Wonderland of big joy and cheap thrills You’re all that and then some with two bags of chips Linda you are all of the beauty in one woman that fits From your glowing golden yellow blonde hair To your completely vulnerable and enchanting Soft light blue ocean eyes That smile much more sweetly When lit up from inside Chiseled Exquisite She is from G-d’s own hand A masterpiece of light A beacon for all man Sure you might think With all this talk so grand That it seems a little self-serving Maybe a bit too contrived Maybe just a little bit planned But long-legged Linda You are the finest in the land Odes have been written And lovesick bards have cried And sang out their broken hearts When from love their was no reply You are that ode And that lonely bards song You are the moonlight You are the swan You are the luminous light Reflected on the pond The last stop Nowhere for us left to go Our eyes drink in love Our hearts all aglow

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  2. H. E. Lexus says:

    An awesome dress for sure; Love those wedges. 😉

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