Photos by Jack Dunn
(Bebe top, Earnest Sewn shorts, Miista sandals)

The heat wave seems to be over and I’m back. It’s was a 109 degrees here for a while so besides running to and from my car, I did not spend too much time outside. I’ve had a busy week of castings but I had some free time the other day so I did a spontaneous studio session and recorded a new cover that I will share with you all very soon. I hope you have a wonderful and safe Friday and rest of the weekend!


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3 Responses to Roar

  1. squeaky10 says:

    Reblogged this on McBobby's Mind and commented:
    Love this look so simple but brilliant! X

  2. I’m glad your heat wave is over Linda. I’ve enjoyed all of your photo’s and song’s that I’ve heard you sing.I honestly think you sung the cover of Ari’s song “Problem” better than anyone who’s sung it including Ariana(Sorry lil babe,my nickname for her lol).Keep up the great work you’re doing but I still think that you belong in the top 10.Have a great weekend Linda! ♡♡

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