Romping Around

LindaLind.comLindaLind.comLindaLind.comLindaLind.comLindaLind.comPhotos by Jack Dunn
(Material Girl romper, Beverly Feldman sandals, Wholesale Celebshades sunglasses and Chanel bag)

I was in a fitting room yesterday trying on a few tops when the zipper that goes almost all the way from the top to bottom in the back of this romper broke. I will admit I freaked out a bit at first thinking I would have to walk to my car trying to cover myself up with the fabric. I’m glad this happened in a clothing store though and not somewhere else because I was able to find a somewhat cute dress to change into.


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4 Responses to Romping Around

  1. Katie says:

    Gorgeous!! Love this look 🙂

  2. Une petite Bruxelloise says:

    Really cute outift!!! Sexy and girlish at the same time 🙂

  3. Stunningly beautiful! Cute look!

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