Photos by Jack Dunn
(Guess shortalls, top from local boutique, No. 704b sandals and Tory Burch sunglasses)

These shortalls are probably one of my best purchases ever.  They’re so comfortable that I want to wear them everyday, and I pretty much have been this summer. My sister called me to let me know that they’re about 70% off right now on the Guess website, so I’m considering picking up another pair as well. Perhaps these white ones that I wore for a photo shoot a while ago (here). Yes, you kind of look like a big baby, but I love it. Above is how I wore them last week in Laguna, after spending all morning playing in the pool with my nephews, or rather getting attacked with water blasters haha. I miss those little guys so much and can’t wait to see them again!


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2 Responses to Summertime

  1. Bibi says:

    Lovely pictures! I have those same dungarees and I’m obsessed. ❤ xx

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