Monkey Business   Photos by Jack Dunn
( Zara shorts, top from local shop, Vero Moda belt, Wakami woven bracelet, Rolex watch, Tory Burch sandals, and phone case from China Town)

I was driving by China Town the other day and decided to make a quick stop to get some green tea and to look for a fun phone case since they’re so cheap there. I was going to go with something pretty regular but spotted this little monkey that was just too cute to pass on. It makes the phone a bit bigger but it’s not too bad. It’s funny though how everyone used to want the smallest phone possible and now they just seem to get bigger and bigger. I’ve seen people with phones almost the size of an iPad. I wonder how you fit that in your pocket if you’re a guy haha.


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One Response to Monkey Business

  1. Andy says:

    Trousers with bigger pockets 🙂 bring back 70’s flares!

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