Yellow Daisies

Photos by Jack Dunn
(Jen’s Pirate Booty dress, Melie Bianco purse, Aldo boots, vintage belt and wrap watch from La Mer Collections)

Hello Friday! I’m getting ready to go out and celebrate one of my good friend’s birthday. We haven’t had a girls’ night out in forever so I’m very excited. Have a fun and safe weekend lovelies and don’t forget to check out my cover of Jessie J’s Thunder below :).


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6 Responses to Yellow Daisies

  1. Une petite Bruxelloise says:

    I think this is like the best summer dress ever!! I wouldn’t mind wearing it every hour of every day of every year…it looks so fresh!!!

  2. alifemoment says:

    I like your style, really really nice 🙂


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