Black And White

Photos by Jack Dunn
(Lindex dress, Jeffrey Campbell heels and Melie Bianco clutch)

Happy Presidents’ Day America. I can’t believe I’ve lived here for about four years now. Time really does fly!


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5 Responses to Black And White

  1. Andy says:

    I cannot imagine living away from the UK for so long, although I suppose it helps if you are in a country where you can speak the language. Do you miss home? And what things do you miss in particular? I know, questions questions!

    • lindalind says:

      I do miss Sweden. Especially the summers and the food, cottage cheese in particular Hana. I know that probably sounds silly but I love Swedish cottage cheese and used to eat it pretty much every day but the American kind doesn’t even compare. It’s so salty and weird and horrible! Then I miss my friends and family there of course. I love Los Angeles though and I really enjoy living here. California is such a wonderful place. I just wish Sweden was closer so that I could go back more often (and that my loved ones back home could move here too;))

  2. Andy says:

    You miss cottage cheese and your family, in that order! 🙂
    I know what you mean though. I’ve found when I am in another country that they don’t ‘do’ the food the same as back home. Damn inconvenient of them, you know 🙂 That American cottage cheese doesn’t sound like the kind of thing you want to bring back in your case.
    What about Swedish winters?

    • lindalind says:

      I don’t mind the winters but I can’t say I really miss them haha I’m definitely more of a summer person

      • Andy says:

        Winter is my favourite season, and I am very disappointed at the absence of snow this year. One day I will have to experience one of your Scandinavian winters.
        Your blog posts are all very bright and sunny and colourful. I think you wear a suntan so much better than I ever could!
        Best wishes Paleface of UK. 🙂

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