Warm Days

LindaLind.comLindaLind.comLindaLind.com   Photos by Jack Dunn
(Frankie B cutoffs, Audrey Ann top, Aldo boots, H&M bag, Wakami bracelets, Vero Moda belt, Rolex watch and thin silver rings from Brandy Melville)

It’s been a warm winter and a lot of trees are already blossoming which makes it feel like spring here in LA. I wish I had more time to be outside and really enjoy it but I’ve been so busy lately. Besides working and having six hours of improv classes each week I’ve been in the studio finishing up some new music, working on a new secret project and modeling so by the time I actually have a minute to take some pictures for the blog it’s usually already dark. I should be getting a bunch of pictures from recent modeling shoots soon though and I have been updating my instagram so don’t forget to follow me there as well: @linda_lind.


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7 Responses to Warm Days

  1. Love the bracelet & watch

  2. Andy says:

    ‘Secret project’-intrigued! 🙂

  3. Claire says:

    Such a stylish look. Loving the sheer black top! 🙂

  4. Jealous of the warm LA weather, it’s so cold here in San Francisco! Hope we can follow each other 🙂

    xx Alyson

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